Sunday, December 4, 2011

Paper Bag Gift Ornaments

As expected, here is a gift wrap tutorial for all of you! These are cute little gift bags that can be hung as ornaments on your tree (if you so choose) or you can leave off the ribbon and just have a little stack of them off to the side. Mine are filled with Hershey's kisses, but they would be great for any small gifts such as barrettes, Match Box cars, etc.

To make these yourself you will start by selecting your paper and cutting it to size. You can make these any size you want, but I chose to make 8"x5" rectangles. It leaves plenty of room for candies :)

Next, fold the 5" edges of your paper together. Do NOT make a hard crease in your paper, just fold so the opposite edges match up, then sew them together (if sewing isn't your thing you could also use glue, but sewing looks so cute don't you think? I chose to add in a ribbon to this edge so I can hang my final project.

Once you have the first edge sewn, you will sew shut the top edge. Simply fold your paper so the edges match up evenly and sew!

If you are making a large batch of these, you may want to make them all through this step, then stuff them and sew them shut at the end. Or you can continue on and make each one start to finish one by one.

To finish, fill your paper package with your little candies, gifts, etc. then fold the bottom of your package to make a little pyramid type shape by lining up the center of your paper with your first sewn seam! Ta-Da! Nice little 3-D paper tree ornaments filled with gifts!

While I haven't made one yet, I plan to try some of these with fabric and close one edge with velcro or a zipper so they can be re-used. I will let you know how that turns out :)


  1. these are so cute! I've seen the same shape as fabric pin cushions, but never done with paper - I'll so be whipping so up whenever I get the 2,346 things on my current to-do list DONE :P

  2. Oooh! Pincushions made this way would be lovely! Great use of some tiny fabric scraps as well! I will have to try making some, I bet they'd be great stocking stuffers :)