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Welcome to The Craftinomicon! I am Kari and I live in lovely Portland, OR with my husband, Matt. I like to make all kinds of cute and innovative things (and sometimes things that are neither cute nor innovative), with a range of materials. I also love to bake, and have quite the sweet tooth (I really am going to try to get something on the healthier side into my shared recipes someday-promise). I love to hear from you all with your questions, projects and general crafty awesomeness.

Featuring Posts

If you would like to feature one of my projects on your blog, please do! I ask that you limit use of my photographs to 2, and link back to my original post. Do NOT copy entire posts and put them on your own blog. Thank you.

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About The Craftinomicon Blog

I started this blog to share my crafty ideas with others, no matter how few people may end up seeing them. It has really grown over time, and I am really excited about it! I have so many new projects in the works, and many of them are taking me hours of trial and error to get patterns and instructions just right! You will also notice that aside from my craft projects, I add lots of recipes and some random things I find interesting. If I find a useful tip or do something I am proud of, I want to share it with you!

While this is a for profit blog (through ad revenue, affiliate programs, etc.), I have maintained free patterns and tutorials so that the material is accessible to all. The best way for you to help support me in my endeavors is to share projects you love with others through Facebook, Pinterest and other social media. Sharing the crafty love is what it is all about, and I love getting comments and seeing that people appreciate the projects I come up with!

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