Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Wrapping 101

I know, I know, I was going to post a bunch of gift wrapping tutorials. As usual, life got in the way. Plus, I was half way done editing some photos of a basic gift wrapping tutorial when I came across this totally pro gift wrapping tutorial and thought "I'm pretty much better at accessorizing my gifts, maybe I should forego all of these gift wrapping steps and move straight on to the good stuff!" So, if you are looking for a great way to wrap your gifts, check out that tutorial from The Mother Huddle, and break out some double sided tape to have some fantastic looking gifts!

There will still be more in the gift wrapping realm coming up from yours truly, so go ahead and wrap up some gifts and then check back for ways to make them extra special! One tip I'll give for presents that are to be embellished later on: I love using brown kraft paper. It removes all of the clutter of having 30 rolls of wrapping paper in your closet, and the bows and trimmings really stand out!

Also, if you have lots of gift cards on your list, don't forget my gift card envelope tutorial, pictured above.

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