Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Wrap: Ribbon Plaid

Time for some gift wrap embellishment! For this gift wrap method, you start with a present wrapped in brown kraft paper, and add strands of ribbon to create the look of plaid! This has always been a favorite look of mine, and it's pretty easy to do! It helps to use ribbon in different widths, colors and textures to create the effect, and of course the larger the surface area, the more intricate you could get with your design :)

To start, cut several lengths of ribbon that will wrap around your gift once each. You will want to make these for each direction (width and length--if you have a perfect cube, all lengths will be the same).

Next, take your first length of ribbon and place it around your gift, securing it on the "unpretty side" of your gift with tape.

Then, take a length and go in the opposite direction, overlapping your first length.

Take another length, and add it to the mix, this time overlapping length #2.

Once you get to your fourth length, you will need to start doing a little weaving, overlapping one length, while going under another. My gift was small, so I stopped at 4 lengths of ribbon. However, it really looks quite nice to have many more added in. The best part is you can use any colors you like!

There you have it! Plaid gifts done with colorful ribbon!

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  1. I love wrapping my presents in brown paper and I'm always looking for new ways to add pretty touches to it - so will have to try this one!