Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work In Progress

I don't usually post projects that are in progress, but since there was so much interest in this post about me learning Tunisian Crochet, I decided to show you all how it is going.

I haven't quite had the time I would like to work on it, but it is coming along quite nicely and I think if I do a few more projects with this technique I will be pretty good at it. A special Thank You! goes out to Mary from Crocheting the Day Away for all of her tips, and of course the tutorial that made it possible for me to even attempt this crochet technique!


  1. That looks awesome! Your stitches look very nice and even and the color combo is stellar. I might have to give Tunisian crochet a try now when I get in the mood to make a blanket or scarf.

  2. It's pretty cool! Plus, Merry early Christmas to me, someone put a box of unwanted knitting supplies in our trash room today and I scored a couple skeins of some Debbie Bliss yarn in black. woop woop

  3. Beautiful stitch work! And what a gorgeous combination of colors! I can't wait to buy my hook and try this out after finishing up my Christmas projects.

    -- Colleen @ Made By Colleen