Friday, December 2, 2011

Easy Gift Tags

It's almost time for my gift wrapping tutorials, but first, you may want to cut out some gift tags so you have them ready! These gift tags are made from decorative card stock. To make them you will need:

Scissors or Xacto knife
card stock in desired colors/patterns
pencil to lightly mark some measurements (if needed)

I have some pretty nifty rulers in varying widths, etc that are made from clear plastic, so I generally skip marking my cuts with pencil, but if you feel more comfortable doing that, go right ahead. Just make sure to make your lines lightly so they may be fully erased on your final project.

I start by deciding how large I want my tags to be. These are 2 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Cut your rectangles out of your card stock and set aside.

Next, to make your tags a little more exciting than a simple rectangle, pick one corner from which to start your measurements. Measure 3/4 of an inch from the corner in each direction, make a small dot with pencil if needed. Using your measurements, cut out a triangle from the corner. Repeat on other side so you are left with your gift tags as seen here:

If you plan on attaching your tags to your gifts with ribbon or string, you will want to use a hole punch to make it easier to attach your string. This will make your finished gift tag look like this:

If you do a lot of paper crafts you may have some decorative corner punches, or edge punches that you can use to make your edges more decorative, but I like going with standard straight lines on my tags. When not using string, I attach mine to gifts using double sided tape (while not necessary, double sided tape really can make gifts look much more professionally wrapped. I generally prefer to just use regular tape, no one I know generally cares about a little tape showing on their gifts).

Come back all weekend for some great gift wrapping tutorials! I even have some sewn gift bags for the smaller gifts on your list!

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