Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Felt Containers

If you are like me, you have little bits of this and that all over the place. These things need a home. What better home than a little fabric container, in this case: felt.

I used two colors of felt to give the containers some extra strength as well as being extra nice to look at.

They are then sewn together to make a little box (you could get really fancy and make a matching lid if you wanted to keep your odds and ends hidden from view--just make sure to add a little extra length so it fits around the box itself).

Insert your treasures and you are ready to go!

This box is currently holding some spools of thread I don't have room for anywhere else (it's getting a little crowded by the sewing machine lately). You can make these boxes any size you like from teeny tiny to extra huge, just keep in mind that the larger you make them the more flimsy they will be. You may want to add some interfacing or extra layers of felt or batting to help them keep their shape.

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