Sunday, February 13, 2011

Perfect Pincushion

Today's project is a Perfect Pincushion. Perfect because it uses small scraps of fabric, takes a short amount of time and requires no real pattern to make!

First you will need your fabric, I chose 2 different fabrics but you could make both sides the same as well. Make sure each piece is large enough to draw your circle on. You can use any circular object as a template that you like. This pincushion was made by tracing a CD (I have an extra large one I made by tracing a dinner plate as well).

I stuffed it with regular polyester fiberfil, packed in very tightly. If you wanted something with more to it you could certainly stuff it with the material of your choice. I wrapped embroidery floss around to make it seem to be in 8 sections, and sewed buttons into the center for a tufted look. Easy as pie!

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