Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Portlandia Inspired Pot Holders

My husband and I had a good chuckle at these as I was making them last night. I wanted to make some cute pot holders, complete with felt appliques. Since I am always being asked "where are the crafts for guys?" I thought now would be a great time to show some off. After all, guys gotta get their cook on in the kitchen too, am I right? I started with some old suiting fabric I had in my stash, a pleasant blue and gold plaid. What to add? Mustache! Not gonna lie, it definitely has some of that hipster flair to it. However, it is just so awesome I couldn't help myself.

Second, for the ladies, I made a black & white flowered pot holder (the back has hot pink eco-fi felt), and I "put a bird on it" a la Portlandia, the new IFC show I love to hate. Gotta admit, it's also pretty cute (though I'm not calling it art).

I used eco-fi felt for all of the appliques, as it is made from recycled bottles and can be washed, as opposed to traditional wool felt which gets all yucky when washed. A tip for anyone wanting to do their own appliques: I use a heat and bond adhesive on all of mine. The glue heats up with an iron, and has a paper backing (great for drawing your own designs on) and then you peel the back off, iron it to whatever is getting the applique and it won't budge while you are sewing it on.

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