Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tiny Gift Bags

That's right everyone, it is February, and starting off the month full of projects are these cute little gift bags!

I have a few birthdays coming up this month, as well as Valentine's day, and these bags are perfect to fit a little something special in for the lucky people in your life. (They are also a great way to use up your smaller pieces of fabric). They will easily fit jewelry, a small bag of candies, lip gloss, a watch, cuff links, etc. and can be made with any fabric or ribbon you want. I happened to have a couple complimentary patterns with blues and greens, and leftover red ribbon--I think it adds a nice contrast.

Each bag measures about 4 inches square (I started with fabric scraps that were about 5.5"x9"). I folded a flap at the top and sewed it down so a ribbon tie could be used, then sewed the bottom and side shut(leaving the holes open to insert my ribbon). I generally use a safety pin when making a tie like this, just pin one end of your ribbon and feed it through the hole to the other side and pull it through.

These bags could also be fancied up by using two fabrics and making the bags reversible, but for such a tiny gift bag I decided not to over complicate things and stick with one pretty side (you're stuffing it full of treats anyway, so the inside will probably be overlooked by your recipient).

I hope you enjoy these little gift bags, and remember every day this month I will be featuring another fun craft project!

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