Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Treat Roundup

It's no secret that I have a heck of a sweet tooth. What better excuse than the holidays to whip up bunches of sweet treats to share with everyone you know? Below you will find some of my all time favorite recipes for making up cookie plates for the holiday season!.

I replaced half the chocolate chips in these cookies with red and green M&M's for a more festive look.

If chocolate and peanut butter are your style, whip up these quick bars that my sister and I lovingly dubbed "Sugar Shock" bars, due to their super sweet richness!

You can't go wrong with these soft double ginger cookies!

We begged my mom every year to make Mounds Bars for the Christmas cookie tray. Add some colorful sprinkles for an extra fancy touch!

Almost nothing is easier than a batch of these Dark Chocolate Peppermint Truffles. Put them on the cookie tray or give them as gifts!

What are your favorite holiday treats?


  1. If I have the time, I like to make a batch of my grandmother's sugar cookie recipe. They're a different type of sugar cookie - they're light, yet slightly crispy and melt in your mouth. Instead of using just white sugar, I'll use red and green sugar to make them festive for the holidays. The recipe easily makes 6 dozen cookies.

    1. Those sound awesome--You'll have to get me the recipe sometime :)

  2. You forgot the buckeyes! It's not Christmas without the buckeyes!!

    1. Yeah, but I put on the Sugar Shock bars...which are pretty much buckeyes only easier. So I thought win/win. :)