Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Felt Fox Ornament

I am still doing some last minute Christmas prep and decided I wanted to make ornaments for some of my coworkers. I came up with this little felt fox pattern and decided to share it with you all. While I used needle and thread to put mine together, you can also use hot glue or fabric glue if you want to whip up multiples of these for gifts yourself and save time :)

To make your own fox ornaments at home you will need:

Fox ornament pattern (free pdf download here)
Two colors of felt (I used red and cream, you can change up your foxes to be any color you like)
needle and thread
buttons in various sizes
polyfil or other soft stuffing
ribbon, thread or cord for hanging the ornament

Start by downloading and printing the fox ornament pattern. It comes in two sizes, so you can make a whole family of foxes if you like (or use the pattern that fits your tree best). Trace the patterns onto your felt and cut out the pieces (you will need two of the larger head piece and one face piece for each ornament).

Arrange the face piece onto the head, move around until you are satisfied. Felt tends to stick to itself a bit, but feel free to pin your face pieces in place before sewing together (or just use fabric or hot glue to put these together).

Select buttons in a color and size you like. Place them onto the face piece and glue them down or sew them on. Once you have this piece completed, you can layer together the two head pieces and begin sewing or gluing those together (make sure to leave a hole for adding stuffing). Before sewing up the top of the head, I add in a ribbon or some metallic cord to use to hang my ornaments from the Christmas tree. I used a blanket stitch to sew my pieces together, but you can use any stitch you are comfortable with (or again, glue is great and makes this super fast and easy--the kids can even help!).

Hang your finished product on the tree or give these as gifts (they are super cute on packages instead of bows!). Stay tuned, Friday I will have a roundup of some of my favorite DIY ornaments from 2013 :)


  1. Too bad Christmas is over, my daughter would have loved this fox ornament...with all the craze going on with that "song" that I don't want to name or I'll start singing it. I"ll have to file this away for her to make next year.

    1. You could always make some pink foxes for Valentine's Day, or instead of hanging them, you could also glue a magnet on the back.