Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ghostly Cupcake Toppers: 2 Ways

Halloween is quickly approaching and soon there will be all kinds of sweets that could use some spooky touches to get in the spirit. Here are 2 ways to make easy cupcake toppers and add a little Halloween spirit to a party!

Topper number one:

For this cupcake topper you will need:

paper or cardstock of your choice
non toxic glue
glow in the dark paint (optional)
small paint brush (optional)
ghost pattern (you can also draw ghosts free hand)

Start by drawing or tracing your ghost shapes onto your paper or cardstock. You will need 2 cutouts for each cupcake topper (a front and a back). Cut out all of your shapes and then sandwich your front and back pieces around a toothpick, glue together and allow to dry completely. If you like, add a spooky face with glow in the dark acrylic paint (you could also cut out the eye and mouth shapes with a mat knife or hole punch). Add these little guys to cakes, cupcakes, etc. for a little extra spooky decoration.

Topper number two:

For this topper you will need:

one package of small suckers (I used Dum Dums)
small squares of tissue paper (I used white, silver and gold)

Cut out squares of tissue paper to layer together for your ghosts. I like using the silver and gold as an underlay for white, but you can use any color you like. Place the sucker in the center of your tissue paper squares and tie them around your suckers with string. The sucker will be the ghosts head, and the stick can be placed directly into your cupcakes. You can add faces if you like, but they look cute without them as well. Not making any kind of cakes? This is a great way to dress up your Halloween candy to make it a little more festive for the Trick-or-Treaters.

How do you like to dress up your Halloween treats?

If spooky snacks aren't your thing, you can also check out this fast and easy tutorial for gravestone garden markers, and don't forget to follow The Craftinomicon on your favorite social media sites so you don't miss any upcoming projects.

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