Saturday, October 5, 2013

Easy Gravestone Garden Markers

I like adding all kinds of kitschy stuff to my indoor windowsill garden. Since it happens to be October, I thought I'd get into he spirit with some easy gravestone garden markers. These are made with grey craft foam, and I didn't even use a pattern. I just rounded the corners on some rectangular pieces (I like the edges being a little less than smooth, it reminds me of cut stone).

To make some of these for your own indoor (or outdoor) garden you will need:

a sheet of craft foam (or a couple sheets if you are making a lot of these)
pair of scissors
permanent marker

Start by cutting out rectangles and then rounding the corners on one side. I made my rectangles quite long to make sure I had enough to bury near my plants without covering any writing. You could also do regular rectangles or other shapes as you see fit to make more variety and visual interest in your garden.

Next, use your permanent marker to label your garden markers. I still have a basil plant on its last legs in my window box, so sadly this epitaph will be true soon (poor Basil!). You could also label plants not yet growing, or if your garden is done for the year, make some of these to label where you might plant things next year (for an outdoor garden you could get fancy and make some larger gravestone garden markers with cement--draw your epitaphs in the cement with a stick!).

This is a cute and quick craft you can do in just a few minutes and it adds a bit of whimsy to your fall garden :)

Happy October! :)

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