Thursday, August 1, 2013

Simple Goldstone Necklace

I don't have a lot of jewelry. I was never a "girly girl", and actually had a few jobs after college where wearing jewelry was prohibited (as a safety precaution). Now that I am able to wear jewelry more, I just don't have much of it and I kind of hate spending money on myself. That is where making your own jewelry can really come in handy! Between fancy bead stores and regular old craft supply places you can get lots of materials to make your own jewelry for super cheap!

I found these cube shaped goldstone beads and was instantly in LOVE with them. They are tiny, glittery, metallic, and they were on sale! I thought a necklace with these babies all the way around might be a little overkill, so I decided to just make a little pendant of sorts with a piece of wire and attach it to 2 lengths of chain with jump rings. The supplies I used are pictured below:

-4 jump rings
-2 short lengths of chain (approx. 7 inches long each)
-6 Goldstone cube beads
-1 magnetic clasp
-1 small piece of wire
-small needle nose pliers or jewelry pliers

This was super quick and easy (and I don't have a lot of practice with jewelry making). I think it took me about 30 minutes start to finish. I used my pliers to make loops on the ends of my wire (after the beads were on it of course), as well as to open and close my jump rings to attach everything together. I think with coupons, sale item, etc that this cost me about a dollar to make (I still have a bunch of leftover supplies for future projects too!).


  1. Oh I totally love this - where did you find those cute beads!? I saw your post on craftgawker right above mine and had to come visit! Now I'm a follower!
    Lindsey -

    1. I found them at JoAnn fabrics, they are from Blue Moon Beads. Thanks!

  2. I have made many necklaces like this. I use crimp beads to attach my wire to the chain. It's a lot stronger hold than just making a loop in the wire.