Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cheater S'Mores

Happy National S'Mores day!

My dad's side of the family gets together every Summer for a family reunion of sorts. It's always camping someplace in Wisconsin, and sadly I have not been able to go for several years (going to WI makes for a really expensive camping trip when you hang your hat in Portland, OR). My family is off camping this weekend, but I still have to celebrate National S'Mores day, because you know, then it feels like I get a little bit of the family camping in too.

This is my favorite "cheater S"mores" snack. It's cheating because I don't use a campfire, and I don't go to the trouble of using chocolate bars and graham crackers (because, really who can be bothered to break all those things apart?).

To make my cheater S'mores you need:

Grasshopper cookies (you can get fancy and make my Thin Mints Knockoffs instead!)
microwave oven or fondue flame of some type to roast your marshmallows

I use my microwave to heat my marshmallows (it only takes about 10 seconds on high). No, it's not as good as roasting them over a fire, but it gets you that ooey gooey delicious S"mores filling when you are sadly at home instead of the great outdoors. Slap that melty goodness between two cookies and voila! Instant S'Mores! I have done this with Fudge Stripes as well, yummy!

Get out there and celebrate National S'Mores day!

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