Sunday, January 8, 2012

Easy Thank You Notes

The holiday season may be well behind us, but it's not too late to make sure you send a heartfelt thank you for all the goodies you may have received! These thank you note cards are super easy, bright and cheerful! They are also quick to make, and of course you can customize them with stamps, cutouts and more!

All you need to make these cards are:

X-Acto blade or other cutting blade
a ruler
Cardstock or scrap booking paper for decorative card face
Cardstock or paper for main body
glue (I used mod podge, but I have used glue stick before with great success as well)

I had a couple 8"x8" cardstock stack books sitting around, so I decided to make several 4"x4" cards. When mailing square cards, you may want to go ahead and put them into rectangular envelopes, the postal service charges extra for squares as they are an "irregular" shape. Here is another envelope making tutorial you could use!

To start, I cut my cardstock into my 4" squares. I chose several colors that coordinate so I could make some "sets" that I can gift to friends if I ever need a quick little gift. Don't you think these would look cute tied up with baker's twine, with matching envelopes?

Next, I cut out paper in 4"x5" rectangles to use as the main body of my cards. You can use cardstock for this as well, and if you don't want to be able to see the seam, you can certainly make your rectangle 4"x8". I folded over a 1" flap and glued it to the decorative card "cover". Once dry, you are ready to write out your thank you notes, or further embellish your cards with stamps or cut outs. I decided that with such pretty paper, I liked my cards to stay plain.

I'm a huge thank you sender, particularly to my grandmother. I always feel if I can't take the time to send a handwritten note, that I didn't deserve to get a present. I'm weird like that. She sure appreciates it though, and who wouldn't have a brighter day from getting one of these glittery fun cards? :)

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