Monday, May 9, 2011

Papercraft Garden Markers

Here is a no fuss garden marker that uses very few items. It isn't as durable as the glass garden markers, but if you change up the items in your garden every year or have trouble keeping track of small items like these, this may be the route you want to go. All you need is some thicker paper (scrap booking paper, construction paper, etc.), scissors, pen or marker and some clear contact paper.

Cut out your marker shape from the paper. I just did a standard stake marker, but you can get creative--shape it like a pepper, tomato, etc., make them circles, squares...go nuts! Once you have the paper cut out, write your label on the paper and then cover both sides carefully with the clear contact paper (this step is what makes it water resistant so you don't ruin your labels the first time you water the plants).

As you can see, at the bottom of the marker I have a little point to help it go into the soil more easily. You will probably want this point on your markers for the same reason, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

Also, I left a tiny bit of room when cutting around my contact paper. You want to make sure that the paper edges aren't exposed to the moisture of your soil or it won't be nice looking or last as long.

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