Thursday, February 3, 2011

Patchy Derm the Pachyderm

This fun little gal is Patchy Derm the Pachyderm. I made her out of some corduroy I got in a bargain bin somewhere, but isn't she fabulous?


  1. Is there an available pattern for this or did you just make it up on-the-go?

  2. There is a pattern in this book:

    That is what I based mine off of. I make my ears a little larger and a bit different shaped than this pattern, and I like using braided yarn for the tail (It's easier than turning a little fabric tube right side out, and I tie a huge knot to have on the inside so It can't be pulled out--I also triple stitch my tails in).

    I am not sure if her pattern says to cut a slit for the ears and sew them in by machine or not, but I do that as well, since I make mine for children to play with and don't want them coming off if I hand stitch them on at the end of the project.

    The book has a lot of other cute little projects and some patterns as well, all that you could easily customize, I highly recommend it.