Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fleece Fingerless Gloves

This morning, upon waking the weather was decidedly unacceptable. There was, in fact, some snow falling from the sky, but luckily I live in Portland instead of farther North so none of it saw fit to stick to the ground. Either way, something extra to keep my hands/arms warm while I did some other crafting was in order. Preferably something soft.

Fingerless fleece gloves to the rescue! Excuse the horrible photos, as the weather took away any shot I had at good lighting, and I'm not about to go out in the cold wet rain/snow and ruin my new creation. :) I've had this fleece sitting leftover from another project for quite some time and today was the perfect day to give it a good use. The pattern was very simple, and admittedly makes me look like I have incredible hulk forearms. All I did was trace around my hand/arm (giving plenty of allowance for seams and the 3D nature of my awesome hulk arms, sew it up and turn it inside out. You could, however, leave the raw edges on the outside if you are into looking as punk as Avril Levigne.

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