Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Sew Baby Blanket

These baby blankets are super easy to make, no sewing machine required. All you need are two pieces of fleece (of equal sizes) and a pair of scissors. You can find kits for these in the store, but I have found that you can very often find fleece on sale and you have a much larger number of choices if you pick out your own fleece by the yard.

Then, all you do is lay the two pieces on top of each other so all sides match up evenly, and cut a bunch of strips into each side, about 3/4" wide and 3-5" long depending how long you want your fringes to be (you will have a square cut out of each corner of your blanket, if the strips are going to be 4" long, each square would be 4x4"). Also keep in mind, that fleece often only stretches in one direction, so the top and bottom may need to be cut longer than the sides or vice versa. Tie the strips from the bottom fabric to the strips from the top fabric as knots so they hold tight. There you have it, a blanket with no sewing.

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