Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spotted on Pinterest

For those of you whom haven't been following me or the blog for quite some time, you may be unaware of my affinity for Pinterest a site that acts like a virtual pin board where you can collect images of all the things that inspire you online. I like to use it as a means of keeping my bookmark tabs a little less cluttered (as it links back to the original posts). I've seen some great pins from some of my friends lately and I thought I'd share a few with all of you! For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest, it's really quite the addiction for me. If any of you would like to start using it, you can check out the Contact tab above and drop me an email, I'd love to invite as many of you as I can. If you already use Pinterest, feel free to follow me or check out my pin boards here.

Anyway, on to the pins! I can't follow crocheting patterns to save my life. I think the whole counting stitches thing is just beyond me. I think it might be some form of crafting ADHD. However, for those of you that CAN follow a pattern for crochet, this tutorial on craftster can show you some super cute Amigurimi of WALL-E and Eve. She even added magnets in their hands so they hold hands without any help! Adorable!

I'm also totally in love with this fox scarf I saw pinned the other day. The pattern is available for sale on etsy. I really wish I had the patience to try some patterns, I'd love to make a couple of these for holiday gifts, but I'm pretty sure I'd mess it up if I tried. Patterns are just not my strong suit with crochet.

I don't just find things on Pinterest I want to make, I also find other great blogs. A few projects someone pinned were super cute, when I went to the page they were pinned from I discovered a really great blog that is now one of my favorites! Design Crush Blog, Aptly named, as I totally have a design crush on their blog.

It's also a treasure trove of recipes. My BFF, Amanda, recently pinned this yummy looking recipe for Shrimp Boil Kebabs.

I'd love to see what inspires all of you :)


  1. I'm totally addicted to foodgawker.com in regards to finding new recipes to try. And of course your blog. :)

    But I find ravelry.com the biggest inspiration when it comes to knit and crocheted things. Not only is Ravelry a great way to organize my knitting projects and ever growing yarn stash, but there's so many droolworthy projects on that website. I could spend hours just looking at people's yarn projects and stashes that would rival my own. Plus there's all sorts of free patterns and pattern notes to be found!

    Have you ever seen any freeform crochet projects? Some may look like yarn vomit - but others are a thing of beauty with amazing textures and color. And no pattern needed! It's something I've always wanted to try, but sadly I can follow patterns and improvise them to a certain extent - but I just can't come up with anything on my own without a pattern!

  2. I love looking at Ravelry, but it just makes me more sad I don't have the patience to follow patterns. I generally end up trying to see if there is a way I can make something similar by sewing instead. I'm definitely more of a sewer.

  3. So cute! i love it, thanks for sharing.

  4. here is your next addiction: http://craftgawker.com