Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Food Craft: Watermelon Snack Shapes

This is, admittedly, my laziest food craft ever. In my defense, it is REALLY hot and I am REALLY not a fan of it. For those of you unaware, Portland is one of those places that despite reaching 100+ degrees for at least a week every Summer (though this Summer it has so far stayed in the mid 90's) refuses to buy into the whole Air Conditioning thing. As in very few places have it, even restaurants and apartments.

I'm trying to make the best of it though with my trips to the Farmer's Market to pick up yummy treats that require no cooking by me in my tiny sweat box apartment.

So today, you get to see my cute little watermelon cut outs! I like to refrigerate my watermelon because, well, it's hotter than hot out there and I wanted a cold snack. I just sliced a piece off my super yummy orange watermelon (I really do like it better than standard red, this one was super sweet and really juicy) and then used a cookie cutter to cut out some fun heart shapes. You could use any shape you wanted to, of course. These are a great snack on their own, or you could add your favorite fun shapes to a fruit salad.

I also picked up some blueberries, tomatoes and a to die for salami. Portland really does have some fabulous vendors at it's markets, if you ever visit I would recommend going to one or many of the local markets, they span a good portion of the year, not just Summer like a lot of places I have lived before.

Hope you are staying cool and enjoying the last of your Summer days!


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  2. You are very welcome and I am glad you enjoy it! I have some cool new projects in the works so keep checking back :)