Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Product Review: Glu6

I have been testing out this cool new glue in a couple of my projects this week and figured it was time to write up a more detailed review for all of you (this blog is by no means a product review blog, but when I find something I like I'm going to share it!). Maybe it's the Portlander in me, but I really like that this glue is made from recycled styrofoam (yes, that big blocky white stuff that packages all your electronics etc. That same stuff you thought couldn't be recycled into anything useful!). Right off the bat, this glue gets bonus points for trying to solve an eco problem and giving you a useful product.

I used the Glu6 Craft Paste to make the fish scale patterned placemat shown above. The majority of the paper circles used were punched out from glossy magazine paper, but I mixed in some solid color copy paper circles and a few from card stock as well (to better test out the glue and to add some texture to the final project). The craft paste seemed to work equally well on all 3 types of paper (and is recommended for porous surfaces). It has a pretty slow curing time and a fairly strong orange scent so you will want to follow the recommendations on the package and use this in a well ventilated area. I tried out a few different brush options, including a foam brush, old paint brush and the little wooden applicator provided with the glue itself. Since this glue is not water soluble, the foam brush was a no go--it just got all gooped up in the foam and didn't spread very well. If you are spreading onto a large area, the wooden applicator worked pretty well, but if you are trying to glue something tiny, I found I liked the old hard bristled paint brush. Keep in mind that to clean the brush you have to use something like Goof Off or Goo Gone as again, the glue is not water soluble. This does come in handy if you want to use the glue as a sealer, because once it cures it is waterproof!

I used the Glu6 Original to make these Instagram Coasters. Since this comes in a fine tipped bottle, the application process is much easier. I also found that it formed a tight bond with my paper and ceramic tile (even though my paper was a little porous and this glue is recommended for non porous surfaces). This glue was also pretty spiffy at sealing my coasters, but it does take awhile to cure (I left mine for 2 days before sealing and then another 2 days after that before use). It has the same orange scent as the craft paste, and again should be used in a well ventilated area.

Overall, I really liked both of these glues and will likely continue using them for various projects in the future, especially papercrafts/scrapbooking (I'm kind of a sucker for quirky products that are made in the USA).

All Craftinomicon readers can get 25% off their Glu6 order at Nine Lives Products by using coupon code Fall2013 at checkout until October 31st!

Thanks to Nine Lives Products for providing me with samples of these Glu6 Products for review. I have not been compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.


  1. Very interesting. I had no idea styrofoam can be recycled to make glue. Being a chemist and all, I had to look into this further.

    Apparently, it's something that could easily be done yourself. I don't know if it's something I would do myself, as it's probably easier and cheaper to just buy the stuff pre-made, but it might be a good way to use / recycle styrofoam packaging.

    Basically all you need is orange oil (or d-limonene the main component of orange oil) and the cut up styrofoam. Mix the 2 together in small glass jar, and the orange oil will dissolve the styrofoam. I once worked with d-limonene but I had do idea it could dissolve foam.

    1. Yeah, it's pretty sweet, AND it smells WAY orangey. :) Reminds me of the Gojo Orange Pumice hand cleaner we had in art class back in the day. That stuff was also amazing.