Monday, September 9, 2013

Instagram Tile Coasters

I've really been getting more into Instagram lately and have been taking more pictures on a pretty regular basis. I liked some of my instagrams so much I've been thinking of ways I can display them, but we don't have a lot of wall space (my husband paints so my walls are completely covered with very large paintings). So I thought these coasters would be a great way to use my photos in a way that they can be seen but also have an added use! I got ceramic tiles from the hardware store for about 40 cents a piece (yay for budget friendly crafts!) and printed out my instagrams on a laser printer.

I decided to try out this Glu6 original glue for this project as it is for non porous surfaces like tile, it's made from recycled styrofoam and I love a good green prodyuct. It can also be used as a top coat on the coasters because it dries clear and is waterproof after drying (be careful about getting it on your hands, it takes a lot of rubbing to get waterproof glue off those fingers!). I glued my photo directly to my cleaned tiles and let it dry overnight before applying a topcoat.

Once the whole thing was dry I cut a piece of felt to fix onto the bottom of the tile so it won't scratch my tables! You can do several 4 piece coaster sets for under $10! If you don't use instagram, you can easily use images from a magazine, or colorful scrapbook papers to make these coasters as well. They make great hostess gifts, so you may want to keep some on hand for the next get together you're invited to!

Have you made any cool projects with instagram photos?

The glue for this project, Glu6 Original, was provided by Nine Lives Products. Made in the USA (CA).

All Craftinomicon readers can get 25% off their Glu6 order at Nine Lives Products by using coupon code Fall2013 at checkout until October 31st!

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