Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Washi Tape Tea Lights

I was feeling like "making" something tonight but wasn't really feeling like an all night project. Luckily I had some tea lights sitting around and just found this Halloween color schemed Washi Tape I bought last year. The two were fast friends.

I used some pretty standard small tea lights from IKEA, these have a yummy sort of vanilla/baked goods kinda scent to them so I like them a lot.

I used Washi Tape in 3 different widths, so not all of the original tea light container is covered in all my tea lights, but I kind of like that. It also gives you some wiggle room on where to place your washi tape. Just tape around the tea light container and you're done! Festive little tea lights with very little effort. As always, keep an eye on the candles when they are burning so you don't have any fire mishaps :)

What are your favorite washi tape projects?