Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Food Craft: Pudding Pops

As Summer winds down it's time for another easy, no baking required food craft! This one is super easy and delicious, not to mention a little nostalgic. I loved pudding pops as a kid, but they didn't come in every flavor of pudding (like my favorite, Pistachio). Now you can make your own and it's as easy as mixing up a box of your favorite pudding (If you wanted you could make this recipe and substitute in your own favorite flavorings).

To make your own pudding pops you will need:

1 box pudding mix, in your favorite flavor (I used to 4 serving size package)
2 cups whole milk (In the past I have used 1 cup milk and 1 cup cream -- it makes for a creamier texture overall but also higher calorie count)
Popsicle Mold of your choice.

Just add your milk and pudding mix, stir until it starts to thicken and then poor into your popsicle mold. For best results when removing the popsicles from the tray I have found that freezing them at least 6 hour is best (the stick doesn't just pull out of the middle so easily). Also, I generally run the bottom of the mold under hot water for a few seconds to loosen the popsicles. Then enjoy a cool frozen treat :)

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