Sunday, February 9, 2014

National Letter Writing Month: Supplies

It's National Letter Writing Month! Writing letters is something very few of us do any more--email, facebook and text messages have made it pretty obsolete. It's super fun to get mail other than bills, at least I think so, and with Valentine's day quickly approaching, what better time to make a special letter for the people in your life?

Above I have a picture of some super cute supplies that anyone can use to whip up a batch of fancy cards: washi tape, ribbon, cardstock, stamps, stickers, paints, zig-zag scissors, baker's twine and more! You can also make some super cool custom envelopes for your cards with this tutorial.

I made this cute little card in just a few minutes, and it would surely brighten anyone's day. Maybe you can take this opportunity to make a batch of cards to send out to people you haven't talked to in awhile to brighten their day. :)


  1. I love a hand written letter and it's always fun to get one in the mail nestled among the junk and the bills!

  2. we were just discussing the importance of hand written letters at the restaurant where I work. There were many pros and cons for both e-mails and letters, but I'll always be pro paper, pro handwriting, pro hard copies. I like to hold things in my hand. I like proof. Maybe that makes me materialistic, but still.

    1. I feel that email can definitely serve a purpose for getting things to people ASAP. I personally make a point of always sending hand written Thank You notes after receiving gifts. I guess I always figured if someone thought enough of me to send a gift, I can take the time to write a pretty card and let them know I appreciated it.