Monday, October 1, 2012

Lots of Buttons!

Hey everyone, I'm super excited because it's finally October! If you haven't had a chance yet, make sure you check out the first of my October Giveaways (in honor of my glorious birth 31 years ago) here, and be sure to check back all month for new giveaways and plenty of crafty tutorials.

I had an early birthday present last month when I was contacted by Sharon at Lots of Buttons and given $10 to shop for buttons at my leisure. I haven't incorporated buttons into many of my craft projects before, but I was up to the challenge and really can't recommend this site highly enough. They sell buttons in every shape, size, color and material you can think of. Even better, the prices get lower the more you buy of each button. I am going to go back and pick out some new buttons to revitalize my thrift store wool coat for this winter :)

As an October birthday gift for all of you, Lots of Buttons is offering all of my readers an additional 20% off their total purchase the entire month of October and December with the following coupon code: V1JKQS7NF3S2

I will be sharing a button themed craft each week in October to inspire you, as well as to show off some of my neato buttons! First up, some cute button earrings. These are great because anyone can make them and they take very little time and materials for the final product.

You will need:

2 buttons
a set of earring backs (can be found at any craft of jewelry supply store)
glue (I recommend E6000 for a permanent bond, but hot glue will work as a temporary solution if it is all you have on hand)

Make sure to clean the backs of your buttons as well as the earring backs before applying your glue. Apply a small amount of glue (I use a toothpick) to the back of your button and push the earring back on firmly. Allow to dry completely, then wear with pride!

I happen to be partial to green, isn't this a cute little button?

With Halloween coming up, I couldn't resist this little guy. Come back later this month to see what kind of craft he becomes!


  1. I can't wait to see what button-y crafts you have in store! I have my grandmother's button box, filled with all sorts of gorgeous vintage buttons. I have yet to use them for anything crafty, but I'm hoping that some day I'll find a use for them.

    1. I have also inherited a couple of button stashes, my problem is I'm often stumped about projects to do when you only have one of each button, I almost always wants at least 2 or 3 of the same one. I'm also always drawn to that one super awesome button that you will never ever find a match for because it is so old and nifty.

    2. I have seen some fun hand knit cardigans where each button is different, but the same size. But the look could probably be easily obtained by removing the boring buttons on a plain cardigan and replacing with fun buttons.

    3. Yeah, I actually have a couple cardigans I was thinking of donating to Goodwill, but if I switch out the buttons they just might be super cute again (they are just kinda plain so I rarely wear them now).

  2. i just ordered a hbunch of buttons...thanks for the info on the it!