Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Treat Bucket

Before I do a whole Halloween craft roundup of past crafts, I thought I'd share a new and easy craft that can be done by any skill level. Using a small bucket (that I found in the dollar area of Target) and some craft ribbon (on sale!) along with some Washi tape, you can turn your bucket into a pumpkin shape. This is great not only for Halloween, but with different ribbon would make great little Thanksgiving treat buckets as well.

To start, the most important materials you will need are a small bucket and some ribbon. The ribbon can be any width, just keep in mind that wider ribbon will require fewer ribbon loops, while skinny ribbon will need many more.

For this bucket, I used 8 pieces of ribbon about 9-10 inches in length. Make sure you cut each piece of ribbon the same length, and then space them evenly around the top of your bucket. I used invisible tape to secure my ribbon, that way it can be easily removed if I decide to reuse the bucket for something else.

Next, I used invisible tape again to secure the ribbon pieces to the bottom of the bucket, again evenly spaced. To finish the inside of the bucket, I covered the raw edges of ribbon and invisible tape with a decorative washi tape.

For a Halloween touch instead of just an Autumn craft, I found this great skeleton ribbon with glitter!

What Halloween crafts are you working on?

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