Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crafty Weekend

My friend, Olivia, came over today because she wanted to make some painted glasses like I had done in February. Since I can not sit idly by while other people are being crafty, I made these two new glasses. The favorite for me is definitely the squid, only heightened by the fact I used purple and yellow on it which makes it look way more awesome than I could have ever dreamed.

It took me a little while to finish due to all the curves, tentacles and whatnot. Also, I mixed some of the paints into a more varied tonal range this time around. For those wondering, yes these glass paints actually mix quite well. Not often do you get this much versatility out of a 4 dollar paint set. The paints really appear to have almost watercolor like qualities when you look at them through your finished glass. To add the tiny spots to my squid, I used a sewing pin and dipped it into the paint, then lightly tapped it on the glass where I wanted the spots.

This octopus is based on one from the front of a "thank you" note another friend had given me. Believe me, nothing says thank you like a watercolor Octopus (well done, Kim!). I can foresee myself adding to the underwater menagerie again soon, as I am a fan of using all of the brighter colors in my paint set (maybe a nice green and blue sea turtle is in my future?). Another super fun day of crafting was had, to be sure.


  1. is it painted on the inside or outside of the glass??? Oh, and I love squids! Yours is amazing!

    1. These are both painted on the outside of the glass. This makes them food safe, and after having them quite some time now, they have held up beautifully!