Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sneak Peeks via Instagram!

In the absence of my home internet connection (which is now back, hooray!), The Hus and I decided to do some exploring around our new new neighborhood and get some instagram photos thanks to my new favorite Android app. :)

Above you can see a quick snap of some paper craft butterfly art I am working on (Full post with much higher quality photos and a tutorial will be forthcoming).

We got to take in a couple Happy Hours at the likes of Swift Lounge and Grain & Gristle here in PDX to wind down from all of our unpacking (which I am still finishing up). Can I swoon yet again over how much I adore anything in a mason jar? <3

We spied this colorful berry bush on a stroll through the new neighborhood. Anyone know what kind of bush this is? It was just absolutely gorgeous with the white flowers and bright red berries, but I'm no horticulturalist so looking up plants is not my forte.

What have you all been up to this Spring?

New crafty posts coming soon! For more sneak peeks into what I'm up to, feel free to follow my instagram feed here.

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