Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fab Finds on the Internet: MaaPstudio

Ahhh! Look at this ring and tell me you are not absolutely in love with it! I came across this Etsy shop while using as I was wasting time before work very early this morning. At first glance I thought "Wow, how beautiful, I bet this stuff costs a fortune." Answer: No, it does not. The rings all seem to be priced under 50 dollars and the necklaces and earrings are all also very reasonably priced. I really don't have a reason to get myself such a gift right now, but I know where I will be pointing the husband if he has any want to give me something of the jewelry persuasion.

When I find something like this I have to share it, so please go take a look at the shop for yourself, it is worth a peek at least. The shop can be found here.

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