Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crafternoon Coffee

Today I decided to do a little crafting outside of the house. I set up an event on Yelp for some coffee and crafting this afternoon. I chose Heart, about 8 blocks from my home in Portland and it was awesome. I had actually never been to Heart before, but it is quite a nice place to get together with friends, and we had sunshine streaming in the huge windows (even though it did rain WHILE the sun was shining a couple times). The picture to the left is one I stole from their website, sadly I left my camera at home and had to make do with my camera on my phone which isn't really so great (as illustrated by the following photo of our works in progress).

The projects of the day were magnets and felt orchids. I will confess, not a whole lot of crafting got done, but it is always a nice break to get out of the house and socialize (and maybe get some crafting done as well). It's also nice to get feedback from friends on things you are working on, and give each other tips on materials. It was a great day, and if you ever happen to be in Portland, I would recommend stopping by for some coffee!

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