Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rain Cloud Mobile

I just found out that not only is my cousin having a bouncing baby boy this Summer, but my brother and his wife will be having a boy as well! SO it seems it's raining men in our family right now! In honor of our new little men, I made this cute rain cloud mobile (you could make it far more pink for the little ladies)!

To make your own rain cloud mobile you will need:

Felt sheets in various colors
String and/or Ribbon
batting or cotton balls to stuff the cloud
Embroidery floss and needle for finishing stitches
Rain Cloud Mobile template (at bottom of this post)
Any additional extras you want to add, go nuts!

Start by tracing your template onto your felt and cutting out all of your shapes. As this is a 3 dimensional project, I cut out 2 of each shape so they could be attached and all sides will look equally pretty, or handsome in this case :) You could easily make one side of your cloud white and the other gray or even black (it can even be an early teaching tool about the weather!).

You can cut out each rain drop once, or if you are like me, cut out a couple extras so you have more than 3 total drops. I decided to go with a mainly blue color scheme here and add in extra colors for some interest. I have to admit though, I think this would look great hanging by one of my windows and I might do an ombre rain drop scheme for that (probably orange)-- babies shouldn't have all the fun, right?

I used a no stitch heat and bond material on my raindrops so I could easily iron them together with a piece of string in between (the heat and bond was on one drop of each pair). I blanket stitched around each drop to add extra color, but it also hides a multitude of sins as far as how nicely each drop was cut out and matched up. If you do a lot of little felt projects, I highly recommend learning the blanket stitch. I found a great tutorial here.

My final assembled mobile looks like this:

It is now making it's way to Wisconsin to rain some love down on a cute little baby boy :)

The template for anyone wanting to make their own version of this:


  1. Lovely clouds!!! Love! Love!

    1. Thanks! This was a super easy project, anyone could make it :)