Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elephants on Parade!

I just finished these this morning. Aren't they just the cutest? Trips from Aunt Kari come with gifts galore and these little elephants will be just perfect. My smaller niece, Hannah will be getting the super soft purple fleece elephant. I have seen several different patterns for stuffed elephants, and I have to say as far as being usable by small children I prefer ones where the ears are sewn into a slit, like in these (it also helps ensure that your ears are even on both sides).

I would advise to find patterns you like, and change them up with your own twist. Maybe in the future I will decide I would like the trunk to point up rather than curling under, for example.

You may recognize this guy! It's a larger stuffed Patchy Derm the pachiderm. I added an extra little patch of scrap fabric to the backside. Flowered corduroy will be soft, and more durable for "Big Girl" Lexi. The tails of each are braided yarn, there is a huge knot on the inside and they are triple sewn in to make sure they don't fall out (or that their doggies don't help rip them out).


  1. Your little elephants looks fantastic. I'm sure your neices will love them.

  2. These are adorable! Where can I find the pattern?

  3. Is there a patter or tutorial available for these little guys? I've adored elephants since I had one as my first ever stuffed animal, and I would love to make these for the little kids in my life now...Please let me know :)

  4. elephants are my favorite animal! how did you make these?

  5. There is a pattern in this book this is very close to the one I use (I actually modified this pattern slightly to make my own. I like a little larger ears, and I didn't want to make the tail from fabric as turning such tiny pieces is a big hassle. I'm actually working on a couple stuffy patterns of my own right now, and will eventually have a tutorial up on how to make your own patterns for three dimensional animals. :)

  6. Does that book have the gusset in the head, or is that one of your changes?

    1. The book pattern has the gusset in the head, I made modifications mosly to the size and shape of the ears, as well as how the ears are attached to the final product.